Sustainable Packaging

SmartWrapr is developing a reusable pallet cover to replace plastic stretch wrap in pallet and cargo transportation. Plastic shrink wrap is one of the world's largest hidden pollutants. Each year over 350M tons of plastic waste, 4.5M pounds of petroleum, and 2.0B kg of CO2 are used.


SmartWrapr’s reusable pallet cover is made of fabric with integrated tightening to ensure a secure fitting around stacked boxes on pallets. Our wrapper meets 80% of global pallet dimensions (US and EUR pallets) and is easily collapsed to be transported back to origin. We estimate the SmartWrapr reusable cover will be able to reduce plastic waste by 50%, petroleum inputs by 95%, and CO2 footprint by 80% while saving 50% of costs at 200 reuses.


SmartWrapr was founded during the inaugural UNLEASH Lab held in Denmark in 2017. We were recognized as the top team for Social Impact and Sustainable Production and Development.


We'd love to connect! We are looking for investors, companies to pilot our product, and individuals interested in building environmentally sustainable products.
Please contact Kevin to learn more.